US retail giant partners with Cybage to increase the customer acquisition and revenue

About the client

The client is an American company that uses a multi-level marketing model to sell a variety of products, primarily in the Health, Beauty, and Home Care markets. Its product line includes home care products, personal care products, jewelry, electronics, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

Business problem

The client wanted to augment its customer experience by providing an end-to-end order management system supported by multiple channels. The client realized that the existing systems were not sufficient to meet this requirement and hence had to be scaled up. 

The challenges faced by the current system were:

  • The client had a legacy commerce software solution with heterogeneous components in the ecosystem.
  • The client’s traditional multichannel retailing system adopted two or more channels to engage their customers. Hence, the client was not able to deliver a seamless and consistent message across multiple touchpoints.
  • Lack of customer touchpoints such as mobile and social media affected customer acquisition and conversion.

Business solution

Cybage helped the client to identify cross-industry best practices that would be appropriate in a multi-level marketing model. Based on these best practices, we provided the following services to the client: 

  • Assessed the maturity of the organization as compared to industry standards
  • Created interactive spider maps to identify gaps 
  • Helped the client shift from Multichannel retailing to Omnichannel retailing
  • Replaced the heterogeneous components in the ecosystem with a one-stop e-commerce platform
  • Integrated new customer management and billing platforms into a new business operation model 
  • Introduced new touch points and revenue channels through mobile commerce and in-store kiosks
  • Made the new application capable of end-to-end order management, thereby supporting all the organization channels

Business benefits

The client benefited immensely from the solution that provided a seamless brand experience across all channels. It also effectively integrated new customer management and billing platforms into the new business operation model. 

The key highlights of the business outcome are as follows: 

  • Customer acquisition increased to 10,000 visitors with 200 new registrations per day on an average.
  • 30,000 orders were received during peak month-end targets.
  • Revenue increased by more than 4,000 orders per day and the customer acquisition went up by more than 25,000 unique visitors on the website.
  • Customer retention was enhanced through Omnichannel experience.