Digital adoption roadmap for a growing manufacturing company

About the client: The client is one of India’s leading manufacturing company in the Electrical-Electronic space with a superior product range comprising of pollution control for coal fired power stations, security/enforcement, UPS systems for mission critical power back-up, Targeted Defense solutions, and Smart Traffic & Transportation.
Business requirements: The client wanted to undergo Digital Transformation to better align with IT. 
Solution: Cybage’s Enterprise consulting group engaged with the client to design and detail a two year comprehensive Digital Adoption Roadmap. During this consulting engagement we studied the existing challenges, current shape of the client’s IT environment and its impact on business goals, and the envisioned goals. The goal of this roadmap is to ensure that there is tight integration between business processes & IT, streamlining of applications, focused towards networked business models, build data/analytics for predictive capabilities, and empower business and the staff to leverage innovative technologies. Based on this information and through multiple consultative and brainstorming iterations with the client we came up with a Digital Adoption Roadmap to undergo this transformation. 
Following are some of the key activities and deliverables:

  • Brainstorming sessions and workshops with stakeholders at different levels.
  • Mind mapping and execution of 5W1H strategy.
  • Presenting a comprehensive view of the current state.
  • Recommendations for adoption of better technology platforms.
  • Detailed two year roadmap for Digital Adoption.

Cybage experts involved in this project: Business Analysts, Solution Architect, Digital Specialist, and Technology Architects.