Case Studies

About the client:

The client provides an integrated suite of mail, logistics, and retail solutions in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. The client has three main business areas: 

  • Mail business
  • Logistics business
  • Retail business 

The company has been expanding their business from a postal service to a service provider of third-party logistics and e-commerce. Cybage has been the key contributor in business consultancy and building technology solutions for their rapid expansion plan.

Business need:

  • Integration of e-commerce websites with backend WMS/ERP systems for e-business.
  • The e-commerce websites were built with Magento, BigCommerce, Vend, Shopify, EzyFulfillment, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and other custom built web stores.
  • The orders from these websites were submitted to the client back-office system for fulfilment, mainly to the Warehouse Management System (WMS).
  • Every time a new e-commerce website was added for hosting, a lot of effort was required to connect it to WMS, leading to scalability, extensibility, and go-to-market turnaround time issues.
  • Requirement was of a generic middle layer, which could reduce the rework required due to endpoint changes, and could also support scalability for supporting future growth.

Solution offered:

  • Developed middle layer for interaction with e-commerce websites and WMS.
  • E-commerce websites called the middle layer interfaces with data payload. The payload could be in any format. 
  • The middle layer formatted and transformed the payload into a standard data format and submitted it in the message queue for further processing. 
  • The middle layer service core read the messages from the message queue and processed them based on service configurations. 
  • The service configuration managed the transformations required for various sites, payload formats, transformation formats, and destination warehouse where the payload should finally go, among others. 
  • The WMS called the respective middle layer services to provide the data back to the e-commerce website.

Business impact:

  • Quick integration (by avoiding rework) of new e-commerce websites with the WMS through Middleware.
  • Improved go-to-market turnaround time.
  • Scalability for supporting future growth.
  • Feasibility in terms of various payload formats supported.
  • Various communication channels supported (API/file share through FTP).
  • Configuration-based system, thereby, providing ease of maintenance.

About the client

The client develops and commercializes high-end fleet management solutions for the transport and logistics sector. Years of experience, R&D efforts, and an intensive focus on customer experience has made it a leading player in its sector. It is active throughout Europe.

Business need:

The client was building a system for fleet management for logistics companies. There are a wide range of telematics IoT devices through customer tracks (real-time information) such as vehicle information, driver information, and transport information for its clientele.
Key business needs of the client can be summarized as below:

  • Need for application/applications to enable accurate and real-time views for clientele (logistics companies) to track vehicles, drivers, and other critical logistics parameters
  • Ability to publish real-time updates back to vehicles
  • Compliance with regulatory body rules in tracking vehicle diagnostics and driver behaviour
  • Usage of trending IoT and sensor technologies for quick transfer of data 
  • Need for a cost-effective alternative for on-board computers where OBC cannot be deployed
  • Solution to remote troubleshoot and perform upgrades on OBC
  • Need for a decision-making platform to crunch telematics data captured from different devices

Solutions Offered:

  • Pushing real-time updates to vehicles within a fraction of seconds using latest push technologies
  • IoT enabled applications for capturing real-time sensors information
  • Web and Windows Applications for:
    • Tracking and maintenance of engine diagnostics, real-time status/position, driver working hours as per the country regulations
    • Planning creation and sending to vehicles, displaying historical routes on maps
    • Sending and receiving messages to/from vehicles
    • Alarms, displaying real-time overview of vehicles, creating and sending routes to vehicles, driving behavior including speeding, over RPM, hard deceleration/acceleration, idle engine alarm and geo-fencing alarm, fuel consumption, mileage calculation
    • Real time and historical location of vehicles and vehicle status including low voltage alarm, high engine temperature alarm, engine fault code recording
  • Remote options:
    • To change device/customer settings such as enabling and disabling particular features 
    • To view log information of the devices for troubleshooting through responsive applications 
    • Firmware update using restful services 
  • Mobile apps:
    • To capture data where OBC cannot reach and later synch with OBC/remote application
    • As an alternative for OBC where OBC is not cost effective
  • Easy integration with other fleet management systems or host systems through web services
  • BI platform to provide dashboards to focused groups

Business Impact

•    Enhanced time-to-market  
•    Increased customer satisfaction with better maintenance and control on device from remote location
•    Enhanced business with an array of options available to integrate and use
•    Competitive pricing, pay-per-module pricing model
•    Advanced IoT platform that is configurable and adaptable to new devices or sensors

About the client:

The client is one of the leading online providers of aftermarket auto parts in the U.S. They offer a wide range of high standard replacement parts, performance parts, and accessories. The client owns over 75 K SKUs primarily sold through its e-commerce platforms. 

Business need:

  • Integration of ERP, WMS, POS and other heterogeneous systems in Supply Chain
  • Need for critical customizations in ERP system to have pricing strategies by client
  • Need to sustain growing customer demand and performance levels
  • Ability to handle over 300 active field operators concurrently 
  • Need for a highly configurable solution to enable easy upgrades and allow client wise workflows
  • Need for a demand planning solution to handle changing customer trends

Solutions offered:

  • Robust Integration Layer:
    • Developed a robust integration layer between ERP and all Point of Sales (POS) systems and e-commerce websites
    • Took care of real time purchase order and SKU receipts in this integration
    • Inventory reconciliation and real time transfer for delta from POS to ERP
    • Rich UI based purchase reconciliation tool for faster transfer between POS and ERP during peak seasons
  • Migrated the operations from legacy WMS to HighJump
  • Forecasting tool integration:
    • Integrated demand data control application with WMS and POS
    • Identified and implemented business rules to generate demand data
    • Enabled configurability of the rules to handle changing trends

Business impact:

  • Highly integrated Supply Chain environment improved Supply Chain visibility multifold
  • Shifting of paper-based operations to automated flows using RF devices increased efficiency and decreased labour costs
  • Enhanced support during peak seasons and SLA compliance
  • Rule-based demand forecasting enhanced overall Supply Chain planning and execution
  • Real-time updates between POS, ERP, and WMS reduced back orders and improved stock efficiencies
  • Configurable solution for easy onboarding of clients or new workflows


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