Line-of-Business (LOB) Inventory Management Solution

About the client: The client is a leading provider of on-demand dealer management software and services for the automotive industry. It strives to enhance the efficiency and profitability of all the major segments of the Automotive Retail industry, such as dealers, lenders, OEMs, agents, and aftermarket providers.

Business requirement: Development of a line-of-business, web-based inventory management solution.

Solution: Cybage developed a framework that provided connectivity to pull real-time information from the Document Management System (DMS). The framework pulled data into the supplier's specific format, transformed it, applied business logic, and exposed it as standard messages. This framework hosted a large inventory of static content and provided UI-based inventory management capabilities. It exposed a full range of services to support search and trading flow. Cybage implemented a web-based Presentation layer to capitalize on the services provided by this framework.

Tools and technologies: MS .NET framework, Telerik controls, MS SQL Server, WebSphere ILogRule Engine