Implementation of Data scrambling technique to enabled client to get BI reporting work done from a remote location without facing any challenges of data security and protection of IP

Client is a leading service provider in Information Technology. Client is working on a project to automate processes/activities in IT Project Management. The project has a dedicated team to serve internal needs from different departments. The data in the system is highly confidential and cannot be exposed to Dev or QA environment As-Is.

Business Challenge

  • To create a development and test environment where in the test data scenarios are close to production data/replicate production data, without exposing any sensitive information from the production database.

Business Solution

  • Development of Data scrambling / masking framework
  • Implementation of various data scrambling techniques on Production database to create Dev, QA test data
  • Configurable and reusable data scrambling framework

Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, PL/SQL