The data quality management solution improving dashboard effectiveness. A robust ETL implemented to monitor their KPIs effectively

Client is a leading global media investment management company in the Media and Entertainment industry located worldwide. Client has its specialist services in various media and entertainment budget planning and optimization, which help in in-depth analysis of market spending and ensure better ROI.

Business Requirements

  • Huge amount of data and lot of manual intervention involved in verification, cleansing and formatting the raw data
  • Current process limitations in terms of large data transformations and processing
  • Traditional approach of data processing

Business Solution

  • Development of an ETL SQL framework
  • SSIS Implementation - Faster & Efficient data processing
  • Implementation of complex transformation logic using SSIS
  • Reusable data-cleaning programs, making future data updates from the same data sources in the similar formats fast and affordable.

Tools and Technologies
SQL Server 2005, SSIS